UPTET 2020

UPTET 2020

Do you aspire to inspire the youth of our country by facilitating them with your teaching aptitude? If the answer is yes, then clearing UPTET can do wonders for you.

The recruitment of ideal teachers is one of the most important responsibilities of Government. It is quite significant to select the aspirants who are imbibed with teaching aptitude and a motive to serve our country with excellent quality of education.

In order to select the effective and efficient candidates for the teaching posts in different states, Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) is initiated by Government of India for the recruitment of teachers in the esteemed educational organisations. The exam is conducted in various states across the country.

Specifications of UPTET

Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test is one of those TET exams and is conducted for the recruitment of teachers in the schools of Uttar Pradesh. The responsible body for conducting the UPTET is Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board.

UPTET is divided into two papers for the candidates and the test is conducted in offline mode which is a medium based on pen and paper. Paper 1 is for those aspirants who want to teach classes 1 to 5 and Paper 2 enables the candidates to teach classes 6 to 8. 

Feeling ambiguous about the subjects for UPTET?

The most essential fact about these two papers is that, paper 1 requires the aspirants to prepare in a generalized manner because the sections of paper 1 comprise of questions based on different subjects like Mathematics, Environmental Studies, languages(Hindi, English/Sanskrit/Urdu) and Child Development and Methodology and Pedagogy.

On the other hand paper 2, wants candidates to have a deeper knowledge about their specialized subjects. The selected candidates will acquire their teaching posts on three different levels- PRT, TGT, PGT according to their respective qualifications.

Students are advised to enhance their time management skills to attempt the entire question paper within the duration of 2 Hours and 30 minutes.

The previous year papers and mock test series can play a vital role for students to learn this art of time management to achieve success in UPTET with good marks.

Simultaneously, keeping a regular check on updated notifications will indeed serve as a boon for students and therefore they should regularly visit official website upbasiceduboard.gov.in for important information regarding UPTET.

Important Dates For UPTET 2020

The Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board (UPBEB) issued the UPTET notification 2020 calendar consisting tentative important dates for the UPTET 2020 examination. Students should save the dates and are advised to apply as soon as possible to avoid a last minute rush and hasty activities. 
Although, the dates are tentative and can be changed anytime by the board, therefore students must play safe by keeping themselves updated through UPTET official website.

The following UPTET important dates are mentioned below for the candidates who aspire to apply for UPTET 2020 to get an eligibility certificate for prestigious teaching positions:

Events Dates (Tentative)
Notification release date September 2020
Online registration will commence from September 2020
Closing date of registration October 2020
Last date for making payment of application fee October 2020
Last date for obtaining the printout of the application form October 2020
Admit card issuance date October 2020
UPTET 2020 exam date October 2020
Answer key release date October 2020
Result announcement November 2020
Candidates must meet the UPTET eligibility criteria structured by examination authority to apply for UPTET 2020. 
  • It is mandatory for the aspirant that he/she must be a citizen of India. 
  • The age limit for the candidate must lie between 18-35 years.
  • The age limits for the candidates from Reserved categories are as follows:
Category Age limit
  • OBC 18 - 38 years
  • SC/ST 18 - 40 years
  • PH 18 - 45 years
Also, the candidate must be a graduate from a University recognized by UGC with minimum 50% marks.

Application Form for UPTET 2020

Eligible to appear for UPTET 2020? If the answer is Yes!, the next step is to fill the UPTET application form released by UPBEB through online mode.

Students must visit the official website upbasiceduboard.gov.in. to get the form and submit it accordingly before the last date.

They have to fill all the essential details with utmost care while applying for UPTET because if they fill anything wrong then there will be chances of form rejection which will create an obstacle for them.

The authentic procedure for UPTET form filling divides the UPTET application form into three parts:
In part 1, students are asked to fill their basic details whereas part 2 is all about the details related to an aspirant’s educational qualifications.

Last but not the least, in part 3 students are required to attach their scanned signature and passport size photograph of prescribed specification for the identity purpose.

The applicants can pay their application fee through debit cards/net banking and students can refer to the following table to know the amount of fee for their respective categories:

Category Application Fee (For paper I or II) Application Fee (For Both papers I and II)
General/OBC Rs. 600  Rs. 1200
SC/ST Rs. 400 Rs. 800
Physically Challenged Rs. 100 Rs. 200

The last step to complete the application process is to press the submit button and take a print out of the application form to use it for necessary purpose as and when required.

Select an accurate Exam Centre for UPTET 2020

There are various exam centres alloted by UPBEB to conduct UPTET examination for teaching aspirants.
Candidates are asked during the registration process to fill up their preferences and according to that they will get the feasible exam centre for the UPTET.

The below mentioned cities are the selected examination centres for Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test:

State City
Uttar Pradesh Agra
Kanpur Dehat
Gautam Buddha Nagar
Lakhimpur Kheri
Sant Ravidas Nagar
Sant Kabir Nagar
Ambedkar Nagar
The most prestigious exams of our country are conducted by the valuable examination authorities and UPTET is one of those reputed exams.
Every examination authority follow a unique and authentic exam pattern while conducting the exams and on the same note it will be beneficial for the UPTET aspirants to give a closer check on the UPTET exam pattern notified by UPBEB for the UPTET.
It is informed by the examination authority that the UPTET is divided into two papers in which Paper 1 and Paper 2 will comprise 5 and 4 sections respectively.
Below is the exam pattern of Paper 1 and Paper 2 for UPTET. Students can refer to the following marking scheme to enhance their preparation:

Marking Scheme for Paper 1- Class (I-V)

Subject No. of Questions Marks
Child Development and Pedagogy 30 30
Language I (Hindi) 30 30
Language II (English/Urdu/ Sanskrit) 30 30
Mathematics 30 30
Environmental Studies 30 30
Total 150 150

Marking Scheme for Paper 2 -Class (VI-VIII)

Subject No. of Question Marks
Child Development & Pedagogy 30 30
Language I (compulsory) 30 30
Language II (compulsory) 30 30
Mathematics/ Science/ Social Studies /Anyone for other teachers 60 60
Total 150 150

There will be no negative marking for the incorrect answer and each paper comprise of 150 questions. 1 mark will be allotted for every correct answer and the form of questions will be objective type questions.
Syllabus is the basic but most significant component for any examination.
It becomes highly important for students to understand the syllabus before appearing for the exam because the ambiguity or confusion regarding the components and desired aptitude would reduce the efficiency in the preparation of that particular exam.

 Teaching aspirants, who are determined to clear UPTET in first attempt must go through theUPTET exam syllabusfor Paper 1 and Paper 2 accordingly to achieve success in UPTET with an excellent score card.
A major portion of UPTET curriculum is designed to evaluate the teaching aptitude inside a candidate that deal with Child’s psychology and development and this academic factor increases the significance of Child Development and Pedagogy section for cracking UPTET.

The pie chart mentioned above is representing the number of questions from CDP section.
The other sections like Mathematics, Languages, Environmental studies play a crucial role in assessment of generalized knowledge of aspirants. On the other hand paper 2 is designed to get a deeper idea about the specialized subject and its pedagogy chosen by the candidate.
The following table contains the detailed syllabus for UPTET 2020. Candidates can divide this syllabus into different slots and cover it through proper time management:

Subject Unit Topics
Paper 1
Child Development, Methodology and Pedagogy Unit 1: Child Development Concept of growth and development
Role of Heredity and Environment
Factors affecting development (in the context of family and school) and its relationship with learning
Unit 2: Learning Meaning and concept of learning and its processes
Theories of learning and its implication, Factors affecting learning
Motivation and Implication of learning
How children learn and think
Individual differences
Understanding individual differences on the basis of language, gender, community, caste and religion
Unit 3: Personality Concept and types of personalities
Factors responsible for shaping it
Intelligence – Multidimensional intelligence; concept, theories and its measurement
Unit 4: Understanding diverse learners Learning difficulties and adjustment – concept and ways of adjustment
Role of teacher in adjustment
Teaching – Teaching-learning process, teaching-learning strategies and methods
Unit 5: Assessment and Evaluation Meaning and purposes of assessment
Action Research Right to Education Act, 2009 (Role and Responsibilities of Teachers)
Measurement and Evaluation Constriction of Achievement Test
English Unit 1 Synonyms
One Word Substitution
Unseen Prose Passage
Unit 2 Parts of Speech
Unseen Prose Passage
Change of Degrees
Tenses Determiners
Unit 3 Active and Passive Voice
Knowledge of English Sounds
Phonetic Symbols
Unit 4 Methods and Approaches to English Language Teaching
Principles of Teaching English
Unit 5 Multimedia Materials and other resources
Learning Materials including Textbooks
Development of Language Skills Teaching
Unit 6 English Preparation Tips Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation
Evaluation of Language Proficiency
Hindi/Urdu/Sanskrit Verbal ability
Grammar Inference Acquisition and Learning
Listening Role and Speaking
Principles of Language Teaching
Reading Unseen Passages
Teaching Challenges in Classroom
Material of Teaching-learning Language Skills
Remedial Teaching to Evaluate Proficiency in Language Comprehension
Critical aspect of grammar
Mathematics Unit 1 Factors
Algebraic Expressions
Square Roots
Cube Roots
Unit 2 Ratio and Proportion
Unit 3 Plane Figures
Surface Area and Volume
Lines and Angles
Area of Place Figures
Unit 4 Statistics - Graph
Unit 5 Place of Mathematics
Community of Mathematics
Language of Mathematics
Nature of Mathematics
Unit 6 Problem of Teaching
Remedial Teaching
Environmental Studies Unit 1 Clothes and Habitats: Clothes for various seasons, habitats of living beings, handloom and power loom, maintenance of clothes at home, various types of houses, types of materials for building houses, cleanliness of houses and neighbouring areas
Profession: Profession of your surroundings (stitching clothes, gardening, animal rearing, farming, vegetable vendor etc.), need for consumer protection, small and cottage industries, major industries of the State, co-operative societies.
Family: Family personal relationships, social and economic bad effects, social abuses (child marriage, dowry system, child labour, theft) nuclear and joint families, addiction (intoxication, smoking)
Unit 2 Our Culture and Civilization: Tourist places and great personalities of the State, fairs and festivals, dresses, food-habits and art and craft of the state, national festivals
Public Places and Institutions: Public places, employment policies, general information about Panchayat, Legislative Assembly and Parliament, wastage of electricity and water.
Transport and Communication: Rules for pedestrians and transport, effects of means of communication on the lifestyle, means of transport and communication
Unit 3 Living Beings: Levels of organisation of plants and animals, state flower, state tree, state bird, state animal, diversity of living organisms, knowledge of Kharif and Rabi crops, knowledge of reserve forest and wildlife, conservation of species of plants and animals,
Personal Hygiene: Balanced diet and its importance, external parts of our body and their cleanliness, general information about the internal parts of the body, common diseases (gastroenteritis, amoebiasis, anaemia, fluorosis, malaria, dengue), their causes and methods of prevention, Pulse Polio Campaign
Unit 4 Weather and Climate: Basic knowledge of air, water, forest, wetlands and deserts, renewable and non-renewable resources of energy in the state and concept of their conservation, different kind of pollution, weather and climate, water cycle
Matter and Energy: Common properties of substances (colour, state, ductility, solubility) various types of fuels, applications of energy in daily life, sources of light, types of energy and transformation of one form into another, common properties of light
Unit 5 Concept and Scope of Environment Studies: Significance of Environment Studies, Integrated Environment Studies, Scope and relation to Science & Social Science, Environmental Studies & Environmental Education learning Principles, Approaches to present concepts
Unit 6 Activities: Comprehensive and continuous evaluation, teaching material/aides, problems of teaching, experimentation/practical work discussion
Paper 2
Child Development and Pedagogy Unit 1 Child Development (Elementary School Child)
Unit 2 Concept of inclusive education and understanding children with special needs
Unit 3 Learning and Pedagogy
Language 1 Unit 1 Language Comprehension
Unit 2 Pedagogy of Language Development
Language 2 Unit 1 Comprehension Pedagogy of Language Development
Unit 2 Verbal Ability
Grammar Inference Acquisition and Learning
Listening Role and Speaking
Principles of Language Teaching
Reading Unseen Passages
Teaching Challenges in the Classroom
Material of teaching-learning language Skills
Remedial Teaching to Evaluate Proficiency in Language Comprehension
Critical Aspect of Grammar
Unit 1 Number System
Unit 2 Algebra
Unit 3 Geometry
Unit 4 Mensuration
Unit 5 Data Handling
Science Unit 1 Human Body and Health
Micro-Organism Living Beings
Animal Reproduction
Unit 2 Force and Motion
Light, Heat and Sound
Unit 3 Science and Technology
Solar System
Unit 4 Chemical Substance
Structure of Matter
Unit 5 Understanding the Method of Teaching Science Nature and Structure of Science, Natural Science
Unit 6 Innovation Text Material/Aids, Remedial Teaching, Evaluation Problems
Social Studies/Social Science Unit 1: History Earliest Societies
First Cities
Early States
New Ideas
First Empire
First Farmers and Herders
Contacts with Distant Lands
Political Developments
Culture and Science
Sultans of Delhi
Creation of an Empire
New Kings and Kingdoms
Social Change
Regional Cultures
Establishment of Company Power
Rural Life and Society
Colonialism and Tribal Societies
Women and reform
Revolt of 1857 – 58
Challenging Caste System
Nationalist Movement
India After Independence
Unit2: Geography Geography as Social Study and Science
Environment in its totality
Natural and Human Environment
Planet Earth in the Solar System
Air and Water
Human Environment
Transport and Communication
Resource Types: Natural, Human and Agriculture
Unit 3: Social and Political Science Diversity
State and Local Government
Understanding Media
Parliamentary Government
Social Justice and Marginalized
Unit4: Pedagogical Issues Concept and Nature of Social Science/Social Studies
Classroom Processes
Enquiry/Empirical Evidence
Developing Critical Thinking
Activities and Discourse
Problems of Teaching Social Science/Social Studies
Sources: Primary and Secondary
Project Work

List of authentic and reliable books can help you in note making for individual sections during UPTET preparation to study in a smart manner blended with hard work:

1. Reliable Books for UPTET Paper 1

Books Name Publisher
UPTET Paper 1 (Class I-V) Solved Papers Vidya Prakashan Mandir Ltd
UPTET for Paper 1 Primary Level (Class I to V) Guide Ramesh Publishing House
UPTET - Paper 1 class I - V (15 Practice Sets)  G.K. Publications Private Limited
15 Practice Sets UPTET Paper 1 (Class I-V) Arihant Publications
UPTET Uttar Pradesh Sikshak Patrata Pariksha Paper 1 Practice Sets Vidya Prakashan

2. Reliable Books for UPTET Paper 2

Books Name Publisher
UPTET Paper 2 Class VI - VIII (MATHS & Science) 15 Practice Sets G.K. Publications Private Limited
UP-TET: Paper 2 Upper Primary Level for Social Studies Teachers Guide Ramesh Publishing House
Guide UPTET Paper 2: Class VI - VIII Social Studies G.K. Publications Private Limited
UPTET Paper 2 (Class VI-VIII) Vigyan & Ganit Chapertwise Solved Papers Vidya Prakashan Mandir Ltd
UPTET Uttar Pradesh Shikshak Patrata Pariksha Paper 2 Arihant Publications
List of authentic and reliable books can help you in note making for individual sections during UPTET preparation to study in a smart manner blended with hard work:

1. Reliable Books for UPTET Paper 1

Books Name Publisher
UPTET Paper 1 (Class I-V) Solved Papers Vidya Prakashan Mandir Ltd
UPTET for Paper 1 Primary Level (Class I to V) Guide Ramesh Publishing House
UPTET - Paper 1 class I - V (15 Practice Sets)  G.K. Publications Private Limited
15 Practice Sets UPTET Paper 1 (Class I-V) Arihant Publications
UPTET Uttar Pradesh Sikshak Patrata Pariksha Paper 1 Practice Sets Vidya Prakashan

2. Reliable Books for UPTET Paper 2

Books Name Publisher
UPTET Paper 2 Class VI - VIII (MATHS & Science) 15 Practice Sets G.K. Publications Private Limited
UP-TET: Paper 2 Upper Primary Level for Social Studies Teachers Guide Ramesh Publishing House
Guide UPTET Paper 2: Class VI - VIII Social Studies G.K. Publications Private Limited
UPTET Paper 2 (Class VI-VIII) Vigyan & Ganit Chapertwise Solved Papers Vidya Prakashan Mandir Ltd
UPTET Uttar Pradesh Shikshak Patrata Pariksha Paper 2 Arihant Publications
The modern era is entirely based on proofs and similarly admit card is one of the significant proofs to appear for any entrance examination. The UPBEB is the responsible body for delivering the UPTET admit cards through updeled.gov.in.

Once the notification about the declaration of result is released, students must visit the official website of UPTET and log in through registration number provided at the time of application process.
You must make sure that your admit card is updated with all the significant details like your name and the detailed schedule for the examination consisting of time of commencement of exam and the venue of the exam.

Also, application number, code of exam centre and the roll number issued by the board of UPTET must be stated in your admit card for the successful process of exam. You should not commit the mistake of not checking the details in your admit card once it is released.

The examination centres are very strict these days about their checking process and therefore they won't allow students to enter into examination halls without their admit cards.

Also the information present in admit cards must be filled in OMR sheets during the exam and without this essential document students will not be able to fill the mandatory details into their answer sheets that would compel them to face obstacles in the path of their success.

At the bottom of UPTET admit card, important instructions are mentioned for the students which clearly mentions that it is mandatory to bring an authentic photo identity proof along with their admit card for their identification process.

The photo identity proof can be your Aadhar card, Pan card, Voters ID cards, Passports or Driving license along with one recent passport size photograph.

The following details must be present in UPTET Admit Cards of students:

Candidate’s Name Candidate’s Father Name Date Of Birth Exam Roll number
Registration No Date Of Birth Exam Centre City Exam Centre Address
Exam Date and Time Candidate photograph and Signature Exam Duration Important Instructions

Below is the link for UPTET aspirants to download their respective admit cards: 

Check Here:updeled.gov.in/Registration/Tet/DTetActivecandlog.aspx

Feeling clueless about the steps to download UPTET Admit Card in first go? 

There is nothing to worry about because these are the simple and sorted steps to get closer to your admit card:
  • Click on the link for download UPTET admit card which is mentioned above.
  • A login window will appear in which you have to fill the registration number issued to you at the time of application.
  • An option to “Proceed” will appear in front of you and you have to press it to reach a further step.
  • Finally! The admit card with all the detailed information will be displayed on your screen.
  • Click on the Download option and do not forget to take a print of your admit card for future purpose.

Path to rectify errors in UPTET Admit Card

Once you are done with your admit card download process, the next and most significant task is to do a detailed analysis of the essential details present in the admit card. 
If you detect the error in the information then you should contact immediately to the exam conducting authority to be safe.

You can use the following contact details to make a request to rectify the errors and grant you the updated admit card for your UPTET examination:
Call at:9454713363, 8004923042, 8004922875
Drop a mail at: secretarypnp.up@gmail.com

How to get back your registration number for UPTET?

Candidates are advised to open the download window and click on the option “Forgot Application Number”. The next step is to fill up the required details like the name of the candidate, your registered e-mail ID, valid phone number and then press on “Submit”.

After the completion of this process the conducting authority of UPTET examination will send your application number through the medium of SMS or email.

Important documents to ensure entry in UPTET Examination Hall 
Admit card which is also called Hall ticket is one of the most significant documents for the UPTET candidates to appear successfully in their exam.

They must take out a clear coloured print out of their respective admit cards to avoid any chaotic situation during the exam.Also admit card comprise the essential details of a student which he/she needs to fill in the OMR sheet.

Nothing works well without a reliable proof and similarly UPBEB asked candidates to bring with them a photo ID proof. They can choose from Aadhar card, driving license, voters ID card etc.

Candidates must bring their certificates which they were awarded after the completion of their training along with the marksheet attested by the registrar. It will be feasible for them to bring a photocopy too.

In the absence of these mandatory documents, candidates would not get permission to appear for the exam.

Therefore, the aspirants should realize the importance of the required documents for the examination and bring them positively in the examination hall.

Instructions given at the bottom of admit card must be read with a deeper understanding to know about the do’s and don’ts regarding the examination process and code of conduct.

Get your anticipated scorecard through the medium of UPTET Answer Key

Every examination authority release the answer keys before the final result, to allow aspirants to get their probable score by calculating their correct and incorrect number of answers attempted by them in examination.

UPBEB initially release a provisional answer key which provides a chance to aspirants to raise objections if they find anything incorrect in answer keys.

The official examination authority will rigorously check the loopholes and after implementing the remedial measures will release the final UPTET answer key.

Candidate can check their scores for both Papers because the answer key will be released individually by UPBEB for Paper 1 and Paper 2 in PDF form.

 There will be separate answer keys for all four sets, SET- A,B,C and D respectively.
It will be an advice for the candidates that they should not get manipulated by the fake answer keys and must rely on the official answer key released by UPBEB only.

To facilitate students, the image of UPTET official answer key is attached below:

The UPTET aspirants can check their final results declared by UPBEB once the final answer key is released. All the updates about the provisional and final answer keys will be provided on the official website. 

UPTET 2020 Scorecard

You must always feel courageous enough to reap what you sow.After going through all the challenges that came into your way to achieve UPTET certificate, you should feel positive vibes inside you about getting a scorecard with good marks.

UPBEB release the UPTET result on the UPTET official website after the final official answer key is released. The final scorecard will facilitate students to check whether they have qualified the UPTET or not.

There will be a link displayed on the official website which leads students to the result window and after filling the essential details they can get their scorecards displayed on the screen.

Candidates can use their roll numbers, date of birth and CAPTCHA to get their result and once they go through the result with utmost care, they are advised to print the result for their future purpose.
The official UPTET result window will appear like:

The scorecard of the candidate will comprise the following details:
  • Name
  • Roll Number
  • Registration number
  • Date of Birth
  • Parent’s name
  • Category
  • Marks secured in UPTET
  • Marks according to Subject
  • Qualified or Not
  • Rank achieved in UPTET
Those candidates who qualify Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test can apply for esteemed teaching posts at various levels like PRT,TGT,PGT in most prestigious educational organizations of Government of India.

There are some important pointers that are highly significant for the UPTET aspirants to get a glance of the validity and statistics of the previous year results. 
Candidates can go through the following table to get the information in sorted and simplified form:

Specifications Overview
Exam conducting authority Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board (UPBEB)
Mode of exam Offline
Official website updeled.gov.in
Number of papers Paper 1- for Primary Teacher (Class 1 to 5) Paper 2 - for Upper Primary Teacher (Class 6 to 8)
Mode of result Online
Validity of UP TET Result 5 Years
Result of UP TET 2018 3,66,285 candidates
Result of UP TET 2018 (Revised) 3,86,137 Candidates (19,852 additional candidates)

Desired Cutoff for UPTET 2020

The aggregate of the marks acquired by students in Paper 1 and 2 decides the UPTET cutoff. UPBEB is the responsible examination authority to prepare authentic cutoff for UPTET.
UPTET aspirants have to gain minimum qualifying marks to reach the cutoff in order to achieve the UPTET certificate by UPBEB.

Later on the district wise cutoff will also be prepared for the selected candidates once the examination process is completed.

Based on the analysis of the previous year results, the qualifying percentage for candidates who belongs to general category would be 60% and for OBC/SC/ST candidates, it would be 50 %.To reach the cutoff successfully, UPTET candidates have to score min.90/150, if they are from general category and 82/150, if they belong to the Reserved category.

Candidates are suggested to work smart blended with hard work to achieve excellent marks in their UPTET scorecard because the UPTET certificate will be a passcard for them to take part in the recruitment process for various teaching posts in reputed educational institutions in Government and Private sector. 

Various stress free UPTET preparation tips will definitely help aspirants to raise their potential to perform well in examination. They can create a healthy environment for themselves with proper study plan and study space to work in a systematic and reliable manner.If you can dream bigger, then you must enhance your efficiency and potential to do bigger.

FAQs for UPTET 2020 aspirants

Q. Will you please help me about the age limit criteria for UPTET 2020?
A. The minimum age limit to appear for UPTET 2020 is 18 years but there is no restriction on the maximum age limit.

Q. What is the minimum time period for the validity of UPTET certificate?
A. Once you clear UPTET, it will remain valid for 5 years.

Q. Can you please let me know about the medium of language used in UPTET question paper?
A. The question paper for UPTET will be in English/Hindi.

Q. I am done with my B.ed. and i want to know about my eligibility to apply for UPTET Paper 1. 
A. Yes, you are eligible to apply for Paper 1 and Paper 2 both.

Q. Is UPTET evaluation takes place with negative marking?
A. NO, there is no negative marking in UPTET. 

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Clear CTET - Coaching Institute for CTET, DSSSB and KVS: UPTET 2020 Notification
UPTET 2020 Notification
UPTET 2020 Notification - Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test is one of those TET exams and is conducted for the recruitment of teachers in the schools of Uttar Pradesh.
Clear CTET - Coaching Institute for CTET, DSSSB and KVS
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